We wirelessly tether our camera to an iPad so we can collaborate and style every image to perfection.

Allow about 1 hour per room. Kitchens and living rooms can take up to 2 hours, but it averages out to an hour with powder/smaller rooms taking less time.

We shoot with the Canon R5 with 24mm tilt/shift, 50mm, and 24-70mm lenses. We primarily use natural light with all lights turned off, using longer exposures for dark spaces.

Shoots generally begin around 10am (sunset exterior images are one hour prior to sunset). 

Additional parties (ie. architect, builder) can purchase an image license for a flat rate of $500 (single image licenses are available for $100 per image), or we also offer cost sharing options with other vendors at +30% per vendor.

We are based in Chicago but happy to travel anywhere. Travel fees such as airfare, hotel, meals, incidentals, apply. 

additional info

cost sharing with other vendors: +30% per vendor
half day stylist: $500 (+$300 for optional perishable props)
full day stylist: $1,000 (+$400 for optional perishable props) 
additional hour: $500 per hour
rush edits: $75 per image (1-2 days)
Out of state travel: $300 per day

2-hour mini-shoot // $1,100

perfect for 1-2.5 rooms

3-HOUR half day // $1,500

perfect for 2-3 rooms

6-hour full day // $2,700

perfect for 3.5-6 rooms
includes 20 minute lunch break

All pricing includes:
one location
wireless tether to iPad
full room and detail shots
color correction and photoshop
online gallery of all photos created together
perpetual/non-exclusive rights for print, web, and socials
3-4 week turnaround time

cost sharing with other vendors: +30% per vendor
half day stylist: $800
full day stylist: $1,500 
additional hour: $500 per hour
rush edits: $75 per image (1-2 days)
Out of state travel: $300 per day

interior pricing

* travel fees may apply for 40+ miles from Downers Grove
* shoots that go over time will be prorated at $400 per hour.

Hi, I'm Jill - I love working with designers and helping their vision come to life behind the lens. What we see in real life doesn't always translate to photos - so finding that perfect angle or accessory to tell a story is everything to me. Outside of photography – my husband and I love being outdoors, exploring new things with our toddler (plus include our dog and 2 cats whenever we can), are avid fans of MTV's The Challenge (our guilty pleasure), and must eat GOOD food everywhere we go.

Hey! I'm Jill

Consider investing in our professional stylist to ensure a smooth photo shoot with no detail overlooked. They'll bring all the best props and add that final touch to every photo to make your design stand out.

If you're not adding on our stylist, be sure to bring a ton of styling props--fresh florals, decorative towels, books, shoes, hangers/clothes, glassware, food, vases, etc. Bring what you think you need, then add more.

hire a stylist / BYO accessories

Sometimes the weather is not on our side. If conditions won't give us adequate natural light, it's best to reschedule to make sure we get it just right.


Visualize the shots you want before the shoot and make a list (better yet, take cell phone pics). We love seeing your favorite angles, features, ideas, etc. Don't be afraid to get involved during the shoot, too. That's why we shoot tethered to an iPad - the whole process is truly a creative collaboration.

envision the shots you want.

If we're shooting more than one room, be prepared. Stay hydrated and take a lunch break. Moving furniture, styling, being creative - it will be an exhausting, full day! But let's enjoy the process, and showcase all the amazing designs you've created!

be prepared for a long day.

how to prepare for your shoot

We love to see photos of the space prior to the shoot. This helps us visualize and plan. Nothing fancy needed, cell phone photos work just fine.

Send us photos

Make sure your client understands the condition their home should be in prior to the shoot date (CLEAN, no family photos, de-cluttered, no pets, etc.). Have props  in place, styled, and more options nearby to make the best use of our time once we start. Think of layering accessories in the space to give it a 'lived in' feel.